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Col-yer Tree Care 
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I want to tell you my experience with this Luke Colyer. He had originally come out we had told him what we wanted to trees cut down stacked together so we can make a bonfire. He comes at about 430 at night about a month later I told him to go it was too late he said oh no no no I'm supposed to be taking them down which he decided to do in the dark. It started as he started cutting one of the trees and he was supposed to take it out of the pasture into the hayfield. I told him that and then he said no no he said you can burn two piles one here and one there I told him no I'm not burning this close to the woods because me and my neighbor are feuding. Let me tell you what the smart mouth guy said he said who's land is it he said you can burn two piles. So I went and told my husband to go deal with it. He did such a shitty job. He tore up my hayfield because he didn't want to cut the trees in sections he took his bobcat and just scooped up big O holes in my hayfield. And then a pile dirt on the burn pile so it would not burn Pile he did not clean up after himself he left a mess when my husband told him you didn't take all the stuff out. His remark was well it was dark I couldn't see it and then he started he has an issue with women he has a problem with women because he tried to bully me and then he turned to me and told me I was crazy and bipolar I am just warning you guys if you get the service I did you're going to hate it. As you can see not only did he tear up my hayfield didn't clean up his mess he also piled tons of dirt from the hayfield on top of the pile so it wouldn't burn.
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