BIG Round Mixed Grass & Clover Hay 
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We have a large volume of hay already sold for the 2020 hay crop. As the weather can have an impact on how good each hay season is, we never know this far in advance what we will end up with. With this in mind, we use caution on how many reservations we take ahead of time so our customers are not left without hay. At this time, we are willing to take on a few tentative reservations that will be filled if we have an exceptional season.  This is excellent quality horse/cattle hay that has been put up right. We do not sell hay to our customers that has been rained on, will only be fed to our own cattle. All hay is put into barns immediatly after baled, and can be purchased for the same price out of the barn. These are solid, tight, 4 x 5 bales that are net wrapped with edge guard to help weather proof for customers that must store them outside. Each bale has 2+ full wraps for strength and help weather proof. Hay fields are kept limed and fertilized, and consist of a good blend of Orchard Grass, Blue Grass, Timothy, Fescue, Lespedeza (NOT Serecia), red, yellow & white clover, some Alfalfa, no brush or weeds. Barns are located approx 10 miles 63 south and 10 miles out O hwy from Rolla. EXCELLENT QUALITY HAY.  $40 per bale.  CASH only. 
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