PSE TAC Ordnance Crossbow 
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I have decided to sale my crossbow. It is the PSE TAC Ordnance crossbow. It is one of the most powerful and fastest crossbows on the market. If you own an AR you want this! It attaches to your lower to make a complete and badass crossbow. I sent it to PSE to have all the strings and cables replaced  two years ago. And it’s only been shot 20 times give or take since. This crossbow is great for someone with bad arms or shoulders. This does not require you to pull the string back, instead you just crank it back. Another great feature is that you can unload it by uncocking it with the crank instead of having to shoot it. It shoots like  a traditional bow in a sense as well, most crossbows have the bolt slide on a rail”causing friction” resulting in speed loss. This crossbow shoots knocked arrows 26” long that attaches to the draw string and rests on a whisker biscuit. Giving it greater accuracy and speed. I have 6 new arrows and one “practice arrow”.You really have to shoot it to appreciate it. Google some videos of its amazing ability. If you are interested please reach me at 5738423832. Text or call. I will not trade, only sell, price is 1000 obo. And I will not sell the lower to my AR with it as it goes to my Sig. 

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