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bus Limousine Bull For Sale Limousine Bull For Sale 6 year old registered Limousine bull for sale.   Good bull, gentle, healthy.   We've enjoyed having this bull on our farm, but he's done all he can do for us and it's time for him to find a new herd! steelville $2,500.00  USD September 25, 2016, 11:16 am
ind Hereford cross cow w/heifer calf Hereford cross cow w/heifer calf We have a hereford cross cow for sale. We bought her in 2011 as a yearling. She has given us 5 calves. We have kept three of her heifers. She is a large quiet, gentle cow and an excellent mother, with plenty of milk. She is being sold with her 6 week old heifer calf at side. Sire to heifer is our registered hereford bull. We are cutting back... Licking $1,450.00  USD September 24, 2016, 4:54 pm
ind Registered White Park Cattle Registered White Park Cattle We are selling 10 registered white parks. Prices ranging from $1000-$3000.  Many to choose from!! Registered Bull, 2 and 3 year old cows, heifers, and calves. They are all registered. We can sell them in groups, individually, or as a herd. We have both red-tipped and black-tipped cattle. SOME NOT PICTURED HERE!! THEY ARE PICTURED ON OUR... Rolla $0.00  USD September 23, 2016, 3:57 pm
ind BLACK ANGUS BUTCHER CALF FOR SALE We have an approx. 1000 pound pure Black  Angus butcher calf for sale.  It has been grain fed and has no implants or had any antibiotics.  We are asking $675.00 for half the beef (we have sold the other half) and we would be willing to deliver to the locker plant of your choice within a 50 mile radius Dixon,... Dixon $0.00  USD September 21, 2016, 1:52 pm
ind Black Angus bull Black Angus bull 4 year old registered Angus bull. Good bull, saved heifers out of him.Bismarck sired. Have papers. Call 5737436333 Salem. $2,000.00  USD September 21, 2016, 7:33 am
ind Looking for someone to bale hay Hi, I need someone to bale a field about 15-20 acres.  Already cut once this year.  Don't care size or shape of bales.  J hwy (exit 169) and 44.  573-729-0380  THANKS! Newburg $0.00  USD September 20, 2016, 2:03 pm
bus Hereford/Jersey Cross Bull Hereford/Jersey Cross Bull , about 5 months old, very healthy, wormed, black legged, Bovishield 5 vaccinated, friendly, striped coat. VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMEX ACCEPTED. Conway $0.00  USD September 20, 2016, 10:53 am
ind Young Bull Young Bull 5 mo old red bull, weaned and ready to go. Stoutland $750.00  USD September 19, 2016, 4:13 pm
ind Registered Angus Bull Registered Angus Bull 4 year old registered Angus bull for sale.  We have had him 3 years and it is time to get a different bull is the reason we are selling.  Attached is a picture of one of his calves.  $2400.00  573-578-0766 Rolla $2,400.00  USD September 19, 2016, 10:16 am
ind Registered Angus Bulls For Sale Registered Angus Bulls For Sale 18-22 month old virgin registered angus bulls for sale!  These bulls are sound and ready to run on cows!  Price include registration transfer, vaccinations, worming, semen test and trichs test on bulls over 18 months old.  These bulls have lots of extra demension and some of the soundest feet and legs I've ever seen under a... Bonnots Mill $3,000.00  USD September 19, 2016, 7:52 am
ind Nice, black, cow-calf pairs. Nice, black, cow-calf pairs. We have three nice pair to sell. $1700 each Steelville $1,700.00  USD September 17, 2016, 11:55 am
ind REGISTERED BEEFMASTER BULL REGISTERED BEEFMASTER BULL BBU REGISTERED PUREBRED BEEMASTER BULL FOR SALE. Born March, 2015. Low Birth Weight, Weaning Weight 740#, Yearling Weight 1005#. http://vgvbeefmasters.webs.com    $2500.     If interested, call 573-729-5575. salem $2,500.00  USD September 16, 2016, 10:06 am
ind 25 Acres of mostly Pasture for Rent 25 Acres of mostly Pasture for Rent 2 miles north of interstate 44 in St James.  Little over 25 acres mostly pasture with a creek running in the middle of it.  Completely Fenced in with access to three separate pastures.  Private entrance in the corner of the front field which connects to paved road. We provide water for the cattle.  Access to three barns... St James $295.00  USD September 13, 2016, 8:19 am
ind Reg Angus Bull Reg Angus Bull 5 years old, good natured, easy keeper proven bull.  Cuba $2,850.00  USD September 11, 2016, 1:49 pm
ind 2 Holstein Steers - $950 2 Holstein Steers - $950 2 Holstein Steers for sale to feed out. Large black and white is about 900 lbs., other one is white and black and weighs less. That one was a bottle fed calf and never put on weight as fast. They are not quite a year and a half old. We need the pasture. Larger one is listed at $950 obo, smaller one is $550. Or $1,400 obo for both. Must have own... Steelville $950.00  USD September 10, 2016, 8:20 am
ind Red angus bulls Red angus bulls I have two registered red angus bulls for sale, they are 2 years old and ready to work. They are moderate framed with good calving ease. Asking $2500 for the one and $2000 for the other. Bourbon $2,000.00  USD September 6, 2016, 10:29 pm
ind Registered Black Angus Bulls Registered Black Angus Bulls We have 11 head of registered black angus Bulls 24-18 months old, ready to service your herd! Gentle, farm raised very slick nice looking Bulls. Plato $0.00  USD September 5, 2016, 2:35 pm
ind Red angus bulls Two year old virgin bulls. These are gentle, moderate framed, calving ease bulls, should work on heifers or cows. I'm asking 2500 for the one and 2000 for the other. Bourbon $2,000.00  USD September 4, 2016, 5:45 pm
ind Jersey bull Jersey bull 2year old Jersey Bull very very gentle.  Will come when called. Loves being around people .... A must see !!!  SALEM $650.00  USD September 2, 2016, 7:32 am
ind Jersey Bull 2 year old jersey bull.  Very very gentle.  Will lick the shirt off your back.  Comes when called by his name. Absolutely a must have!!' SALEM $650.00  USD September 2, 2016, 6:10 am