3 bedroom house and 8.3 acres with pond! 
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 You can maybe assume the current loan with approved credit, and not have to come up with alot of money down! It's  located 6 miles outside of the town of bourbon missouri! The house has 3 bedrooms and two full bathrooms and two large older barns and a thirty foot building used as a another bedroom! Their is a septic sysem hooked up to the main house and a great tasting well water! Their is a fully stocked fish pond with large mouth bass and blue channel catfish and crappie! Their is a dock to sit down on the two benches and fish or watch a sunset! There is also 2 small row boats used to fish or just ride around the one acre pond! There is also a  fenced in chicken coup to raise chickens to eat or for farm fresh eggs! There is also a fenced in pasture field with goat fencing  and a small barn for goats to raise for meat or to raise milk goats! There is also a 8 compartment fenced in rabbit cage used to raise rabbits to sell as pets or for meat! There is also a little over a year old new Massey Ferguson tractor and newer big brush hog attachments and a rear pto tiller attachments for tilling up the half acre garden! There is also nut trees planted last year and Apple trees and Apple pear trees and regular pear trees that usually produce that most of the fruit we give away! There is also peach trees and tame black berries that are well taking care of every year! And there is a large 15 foot or more arbor of red concord grape vines so many grapes that one year I took seven 13 gallon trash bags almost filled to the half way line to church and just gave the grapes to my friends in church because we didn' know what to do with all the extra fruit! Their is a lot of potential in this property because my dad kept his property cleaned up and brushed hogged the field! He also kept the path mowed down so you could walk around the property if you wanted to walk in nature some! The road that brings you to the house and property is black topped also! My dad wants to move into town because he is turning 82 on May 15 2018 and he really can' take care of it any more and I live in an apartment 10 miles away! He said that he would take $138,0000.00 for the house and property There is a 70 foot by 80 foot wire lot and there is a barn where my dad raised milk goats! The wired in fence is fencing used to keep in goats and small animals!! there is also a wood furance hooked up to hose outside!  His name is Hersal and his cell phone number is 1-314-265-6086
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