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I have a small dog and I'm seeking a companion for her she is a cheagle which is a chi beagle mix so I'm looking something along the lines about the same as her..... I am not paying an arm and a leg especially for a mixed breed but I don't mind paying a small re-home fee if you're asking a fee there should be some vetting done as well....especially if the animal is past the puppy stage there's no reason for it not to have had at least basic shots spaying or neutering is not necessary but since she is a female and she is not fixed I prefer a female.... Male will be considered if he's neutered.... I am a senior citizen and this little girl is not quite two years old and she's full of energy....... she needs somebody to play with...... I tie her out so I don't have a fenced yard but I do have a very nice yard  to run and play in.... it's just me and her there is no one else no children ever and especially now during the pandemic I don't even have people over .... I am retired home 24\7 so baby will get all attention. My girl likes to go on car rides and she does walk well on a leash so we do that..... and of course potty training at least some semblance of it is a plus I can work with a dog that's not completely housebroken but again if it's past the puppy stage there's no reason for it not to be especially if it's been kept in a house.... I will consider any age though.... I prefer short hair because grooming is an issue I used to be able to do that but I can't any longer so the expense is a concern..... Please take these things into consideration if you have a pet that needs a home..... a good one and a forever home but please don't try to pass off your problem child on me I am almost 70 years old I need a dog that's going to be fairly well behaved and I want her to have a companion not a sparring partner Not trying to be rude but I just want to set all matter straight before anyone bothers to contact me I won't pay an exorbitant fee !!!!........ Anything reasonable will be considered thank you in advance it doesn't matter which menu you want to use email is fine text is fine but if you text me please send pictures thanks
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