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Show Me Process Service & Notary, LLC. Is hiring for Independent Contractors (1099) to serve process in the State of Missouri.  If you are looking for a PT job & enjoy driving this may be a good opportunity for you.  We are currently looking for individuals to serve process in Crawford County, Dent County & Maries.  Must be 18+, have reliable vehicle, vehicle insurance & smart phone.  Must have clean background, high school diploma/GED, drug screen required, good morals, ethics and have professional skills & appearance. 

As a process server it is your job to notify the defendant that a suit has been filed in a court of law against them.  This is done whether it is a divorce, modification, collection, eviction, foreclosure, personal or real property.   Therefore notifying them so they have an opportunity to get representation for themselves.  Some defendants are aware these things are in the pipeline and others not so much.  You must be able to notify them of the time allowed that they will have to hire representation on a case by case basis, which we will train you.  In addition to having reliable transportation, insurance, clean background, passing drug screen, you are required to have a smart phone and we prefer smart watch & body camera. 

You will be required to take pictures at each location upon each attempt.  You are also to identify the correct defendant you are to serve or subserve at abode to the correct aged individual whom is a co-resident to the defendant if service on the specified defendant is unattainable.   All serves must be audio recorded as they and the jpg’ s will be uploaded into a software program we utilize for serving thus why the smart phone is a must have.  A smart watch makes it easier to record audio clearly and the body camera is for your protection if a dispute arises or a defendant becomes hostile.   Most people are not happy to see us however if you have worked in customer service, retail and know how to deescalate the situation at hand and provide them with the basic information they are required to know in a professional manner things will go smoothly.  You may work solo on your serves or if you wish to have a driver as a secondary witness and cover the wheel why you are entering the information into the system after your serve it allows you to save time and is nice to have when you are in rural MO. as you may have no phone signal for many miles.

As an Independent Contractor we will assign the case to you dependent upon your county, provide you with the documents, field sheet & deadline dates.  Dependent upon the county you are covering at a minimum 3+ attempts are required per defendant.  You are allowed to serve Monday – Saturday 8am – 8pm.  We do not serve on holidays or Sundays.  While you may pick your days you wish to serve, our clients request of those three base attempts per case; one attempt must be made before 12pm, one late afternoon/evening (after 4pm-8pm) attempt before 8pm & one Saturday attempt.  This being said you will typically have a minimum of 2-3 weeks to plan out your serves for your areas. 

Again as a 1099 Independent Contractor we give the cases it is up to you to plan your route order but you must make the required deadlines, follow client requirements per case & abide by all state laws & statutes while serving.  You are also required to pay your own state & federal taxes as a 1099 employee.


If you are interested please email a resume and references.  Any questions please feel free to contact Katie

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