RollaNet to shut down in 2021


Listing your items on our site is extremely easy. Not only do we give you some great benefits but our prices are hard to beat. We accept Cash or PayPal (which also lets you pay using your Credit Card or Debit/Credit Card). Please review the pricing schedule below before registering to use our site.

Unit Pricing (Individual Ad Pricing):
  • FREE - $0 Listing fee - Place and renew ads for free!
  • Maximum of 5 listings at the same time
Subscription Pricing (increases the maximum number of ads that can be posted at the same time):
  • $5/month - Up to 10 listings at the same time
  • $10/month - Up to 20 listings at the same time
  • $25/month - Up to 50 listings at the same time
  • $35/month - Up to 75 listings at the same time
Optional Special Feature Pricing (Unit Pricing and Subscription Pricing):
  • $4 Featured Ad - Displays your ad in the "Featured Ads" table on the main Classifieds page, and at the top of the category page. It will display randomly among all other featured ads.
  • $2 Better Placement - Displays your ad at the top of the non-featured ads in the category.
  • $1 Ad Title Bolding - Displays the title of your ad in bold letters.
  • $1 Attention Getters - Displays small images (Great Deal, Price Lowered, etc) beside the title of your ad.
Note: New sellers will be able to select unit pricing or subscription pricing plans at registration. Sellers already registered will need to contact us to switch plans. We will need to know your Classifieds username or your registered Classifieds email address, and what plan you want. If you choose to switch to a subscription plan, after your plan has been changed you will be prompted to pay for one month the next time you post an ad. Or, you can pay for the plan from your account settings page.